Saturday, October 20, 2012

The word ‘father’ is not that old

Therefore, even if I am silenced every now and again, I have
decided that the voice from within will not be stifled – it
will continue to speak. I will keep my head above the forces
of evil and negativity that threaten to drown me or overwhelm
me. I will speak up for humane values and create chains of
human love and solidarity.Children don’t belong to anyone,
says OSHO
The day we accord love its highest value, the idea that
children belong to individuals, to parents, will become
meaningless. Really, children don’t belong to individuals;
they really never belong to them. There was a time when the
father was unknown, only the mother was known. That was the
age of matriarchy, when the mother was head of the family and
descent was reckoned through the female line.

The word ‘father’ is not that old; the word ‘uncle’ is
much older. ‘Mother’ is an ancient word, while ‘father’
is very new. The father really appeared on the scene when we
institutionalised marriage. The whole male population of a
tribe was father-like; only the mother of a child was known.
The whole tribe was loving to its children, and since they
belonged to none they belonged to all.

In view of the new vision of future possibilities, old
foundations of our society are not going to last any longer.
For instance, in the old world, a father was a must for a
child to be born, it will not be so in the future. In fact,
he has already become redundant. Now my sperm can be
preserved for  years after my death and it can give birth to
a child, again, years after me.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You also have investments through a Caymans trust,

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Mr Romney: You also have investments outside the United
President Obama: Yeah.
Mr Romney: You also have investments through a Caymans trust,
all right?
President Obama: All right. (Inaudible) —
Moderator Candy Crowley: And we are way — we're sort of way
off topic here, Governor Romney.
The question related to immigration.
NEW DELHI: IAS officer Ashok Khemka's decision to take his
grievances to the media does not seem to have gone down well
with the government.
Though neither Khemka, who has been transferred 43 times in
19 years, nor the state government has approached the
ministry of personnel, officials here appeared to be critical
of his going to the media with his complaint of abrupt
transfer. The ministry of personnel looks after the affairs
of the elite service.
Citing the All India Services (Conduct) Rules 1968, an
official said, "The IAS officer has violated the rule by
approaching media. The Haryana government is, therefore, well
within its right to initiate disciplinary proceedings against
Rule 7 prohibits any IAS officer from approaching the media
in any way "which has the effect of an adverse criticism of
any current or recent policy or action of the central
government or a state government".

he's been missing in action

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One key to Schwarzenegger's success, though, is his choice of environmental issues: He is the most visible public face of a strain of guilt-free environmentalism that insists sustainability can be achieved without substantial limits on growth and consumption. As a result, the governor has garnered high marks on issues like oceans and air quality, on which opposition to green initiatives comes primarily from industry. But, when it comes to transit and suburban sprawl, on which any major progress would likely require noticeable lifestyle changes on the part of residents, "he's been missing in action," says Pincetl.
This feel-good approach doesn't always please enviros. "It's a fantasy," scoffs Magavern, who notes that Schwarzenegger's own beloved global-warming bill, by capping emissions, will inevitably spur the very kind of lifestyle changes he decries. Realistically, though, it may be his best chance of convincing Republicans, including McCain, to embrace a green agenda. McCain, so far, seems open to the effort. "Governor Schwarzenegger, I commit to you, you and I and all of the others who are concerned about our globe ... [will] hand our children a cleaner planet," McCain pledged in accepting Schwarzenegger's endorsement.
It remains to be seen whether McCain will keep his word should he be elected--after all, even George W. Bush promised to regulate carbon emissions during the 2000 campaign. But, at a time when polls show that substantial numbers of Republican voters have come to see climate change as a major threat, there's much to recommend Schwarzenegger's green game: embracing environmentalism while downplaying the trade-offs that an agenda could eventually entail. This approach might be delusional--or it might be the kind of shrewd strategic thinking environmentalism needs.